Buick Encore Made for Young Professionals

encoreIf you are stuck in Charlotte traffic, and who isn’t at least once a day, look around and notice how many young drivers you see in Buicks.  The numbers of young urban professionals in Charlotte, Monroe and Matthews that are discovering the huge value of owning a Buick is staggering.  According to the sales people at Liberty Buick GMC, they are buying these luxury vehicles instead of the more pricey BMWs or Lexus models.  It’s just more bang for the buck!

By now, everyone should know the Buick is no longer an old man’s car. In fact, Buick’s standard features outshine other luxury brands in its class. Tech Savvy is a great way to describe the new Buick line. The Intellink infotainment system keeps you seamlessly connected, which is essential for the mult-tasking young professional. Your Iphone or other smartphone connects wirelessly through Bluetooth. And it’s voice-activated. You can connect your ipod or other device to the USB port. Even if the system is not connected to any other device, you can get real time gas prices and movie times.

A big step up from a sedan, the Buick Encore give you SUV styling with sedan like handling. A lot has been said for its size. At 168.5 inches long, it is the shortest Buick in recent history. It is made for city driving. According to Autoblog.com, “When seen in its proper element, the city, the Encore’s scale and proportions start to make a lot more sense, and standard 18-inch alloys do wonders for its presence.” With its small exterior you can maneuver in and out of parking spaces. Changing lanes is a breeze.

For the young professional who wants a stylish SUV and all the bells and whistles of a luxury sedan, look no further than the Buick Encore. The interior is where Buick really shines. According to Cars.com blogger, Kelsey Mays, the Encore really delivers. It has “handsome graining along the dashboard and doors meets plenty of upscale touches: fabric-wrapped A-pillars, real metal gearshift trim, bits of chrome and decent-looking faux wood.” And that’s just the basic model.

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CCP Web Design Staff Writer,

Kelly Bladl

Powerful Acoustics in the New 2013 GMC Encore

noise-cancellation-buick-encoreThe 2013 GMC Encore acoustic sound system is more about the sound you don’t get than the sound you do get. According to Scott McCorkle at Liberty Buick GMC, the new noise cancellation system is the talk of the town!

“Our goal in developing GMC Encore was two-fold – to design a vehicle that sets a refinement standard in the segment for customers who are new to Buick, and to deliver a vehicle that current Buick customers interested in downsizing can get in and feel at home,” said Jim Danahy, GMC Encore chief engineer. “Active Noise Cancellation technology is a smart way to maximize luxury, space and efficiency together.”

The new 2013 GMC Encore will make the first use of Bose Active Noise Cancellation by the Buick brand. Some may recognize that name as this very same technology has been used by travelers on airplanes since the invention of noise cancellation headphones. Obviously not everyone can be wearing noise cancellation headphones through the ride, and who would want to? That’s why the geniuses at Buick and Bose that worked on this system developed a way for the noise cancellation to work throughout the cabin without the use of microphones.

In the new system, small microphones strategically placed throughout the cabin of the vehicle are programmed to pick up background noises and unwanted interference, such as road noises and wind, and then use the noise cancellation technology to send out sound waves that should mute those distractions.

The speakers also differ from the traditional headphones in that the headphones are designed to pick up all noise coming from outside of the headphones, including human voices. The speakers are designed to only pick up those noises which are unwanted by the driver and passengers, like engine noise, and will allow people to speak freely or listen to music within the cabin. The noise cancellation system will work throughout the vehicle at all times, regardless of whether the audio system is on or off.

“Noise Cancellation is just part of a broader refinement strategy for GMC Encore,” said Danahy. “We developed unique urethane spring isolators and hydraulic front ride bushings for handling characteristics that are both sporty and luxurious. We also made aerodynamic changes to smooth the air traveling around the car and quieted specific components like the alternator. Even the tires are Quiet Tuned.”

If you are interested in purchasing your own 2013 small GMC Encore luxury crossover, please call us or drop by Scott McCorkle’s Liberty Buick GMC for more information!